Recommended files to back up and frequency

I checked that everything in my computer be backed up included all operating programs etc. I’m running Windows 10. Initial backup including all the C and D drives in around 800gb in my 4TB Ultra.

I notice that on the hourly backup, I’m backing up around 10gb.

  1. Is that normal?
  2. Should I back up everything in my computer or jus stick to the data and photo type files?
  3. Is hourly too often? I don’t want to slow down other programs I may be running.

The amount of backed up data storage depends upon the installed applications and on the modified files being modified frequently.

An hourly backup may make busy the operating system in order to scan and backing up of data process. However, WD Backup didn’t support system and applications or software, it will backs up only data files. If there is no frequent changes in computer on hourly basis then I would recommend to use daily backup plan.