Recommendation USB Harddisk for SafePoints Backups


i have a WD MY CLoud NAS with 2 TB …

I try safe Backup/Safepoints on a network folder, 720 GB are occuped on the NAS, but evertime it breaks, once time after 70 GB, sometimes after 24 MB… I Think it’s a network problem or with the PC (win7) …

So, i would now save the SafePoints on a Extern harddisk via USB directly from the WD MY CLoud, so i doens’t must run the PC all the time, and i think it’s faster than save in a network folder…

Can someone recommend me a fast WD USB Storage for save my Safepoints/Backups ?


Can someone recommend me a fast WD USB Storage for save my Safepoints/Backups ?

I use a 4 TB My Book Studio that connects directly to My Cloud to create safepoints. I set my safepoint to auto update a 3am in the morning when there’s no activity. The updates take 3 -4 minutes after the initual creation.

Be aware that the time reported in the notification center might be displaced from your time zone. In my case the notifications are timed in PDT and I’m located in EDT

Different people have differnet experiences with different products. There is no single answer what is the best or the fastest.

But if you must know

I use  Seagate drives in a USB 3.0  enclosure  and recently i added this  expansion drive. Never had problems with date or anything like that.

In fact after 1 1/2 years of use my cloud is still as I opened it first day (a virgin) no modifications at all, never had any problem with dates, networks or whaever. It just sits there serving files and it is very good at that and fast(limited by my download/upload speed)

Doing safepoints to it is fine and mostly reliable. However, it is a donkey and you cannot make a donkey race a horse.

If you are happy with that then it is fine. As my data approaches 3 TB and a lot of changes daily by 3 amateur photographers (me, my husband and son :smiley:) it has become a bottle neck. I moved safepoints to external USB drives on PC. Surper fast at  108-111 MB/s and you will not get that from a drive attached to the cloud no mnatter what you do or which drive you buy (not enough power in the cloud to handle large 100s of Gigabytes transfer at reasonable speeds) for anything else it is fine. If your daily changes are modest then it is fine with that, just let it do it at its own time (schedule it overnight when no one is poking the drive).

Of course this is IMHO :smileyvery-happy:


thanks for you answers… My Wish to get a WD Harddisk is because if i run in any trouble, it’s all the same vendor, and often this can help if support is needed…

That people has different experiences is right, I have bad experience with seagate for example , but positive experience with WD and Intenso

i think i try the wd my passport :slight_smile:

IMO I’d stick with a powered drive vs powering from USB port. If you desire portability I’d check on line for limitations of using a usb powered device with MC for safepoints


i have bought an Intenso MemoryStation 2TB , it was in offer, … hehe

it’s powered …

Now i have the next problem, it don’t make SafePoints, any time it ends with Error Code 1102…

Seems the Same Error i had when i try save the SafePoint in a Network Folder on a PC …

If i googled now for it, and it seems it’s an Bug in the Firmware, or can it be other thing? Perhaps too long Names in the File Hierarchy?

I will try now frist connect the USB Device on PC, then Backup “manually” the WDMyCloud by copying , after this, delete Data from WD Cloud, and then Copy Folderwise , and try if it can make SafePoint.

Or any other ideas?