Recommandation & Bug Report


Base on WD TV Mini firmware version 1.00.60



  • Chinese character is rather too small to view even on a 21~25 inch TV, the front size should increase more or add an option to choose display front size. 

  • Add support to play back for RMVB 1280 x 720.

  • Add support to play back for FLV file.

  • Add support to play back for DTS WAV file.

  • Add CUE Sheet & playlist support for Audio Files playback.

  • Fast forward/revers is way too fast even on minimum x2 speed, should add a x1.2 & x1.5 for forward/revers instead.

  • Should have basic control on videos for brightness, color, contrast, etc.

  • Should have basic control for audio, eg. normalizer & crossfade for video’s audio (without this feature may blowup someone’s speakers easily when changing files at high volume), multi band equalizer for music, simple bass/treble enhancement control, an internal volume control.

  • Should be able to move after zoom for video/picture, not only zoom to the center only, a small preview with zoom sector will be nice.



  • RMVB file out of sync after pause on playback every time.

  • Bug with JPEG format display after zoom, some JPEG file may jerk while displaying after zoom.


Good spotting. I would suggest you PM a WD member so that the bugs can be submitted to there developers. Goto the search bar click on the drop down box and switch to users. Type wd and choose a memeber to PM.