Recognition problems

I have a WD25001032-001 external hard drive.
When I attach the USB cable to it The speaker on my computer makes the sound as if the drive was attached to the computer. Then I get an error message that reads: USB device not recognized followed by the sound of drive disconnecting and the message disappears. This continues to happen at aprox. 10 second intervals until, finally the drive is recognized after 20 or so attempts. Even so, my backup software (bounceback ultimate) fails to find the drive at the time the backup is scheduled to occur. My computer is a 64 bit windows 7 machine and the WD is hooked up using a USB 2.0 port. Do I need updated drivers or is the drive too far out of date?

Is not a driver problem…

it’s an indication of drive failure

backup all data on the drive… test with chkdsk 

After running chkdsk download and run WD DLG and see what shows.