Recently viewed settings

I have the latest version on the WDTV SMP. It’s connected to a NAS (Buffalo Linkstation Duo) and I have the media library turned on.

The recently viewed indicators seems to clear randomly so I don’t know what episode I’ve watched. Any experience or solutions for this.

Hi Bolly2007, are you turning off the WDTV or putting it on standby? 

After I power off. Super frustrating

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Duplicate post:

So… Is there an answer to the problem ?

Yes it’s a duplicate post - but the problem continues

Let’s be clear here…   The Recently Watched FLAG actually disappears?  Meaning that the GUI shows the videos is UNWATCHED?  

… or when you try to view such a video that DOES show watched, it does not resume where you left off?

I’ve not seen the former.  But the latter is a bug.

As I said the GUI shows recently watched as videos as being unwatched

I believe this is a “feature” of 2.01.86

I am rolling back to previous firmware version


For some reason - after carefully following directions to perform a rollback -

My unit does not find the rollback files…

To clarify my issue - the recently viewed filter from the dashboard is correct - however, when I go into Video -> folder view the viewed flags are not there. THis is annoying as navigate from there rather than the dashboard.

Got help on how to rollback on another forum


I needed to turning on auto updating and unplug the internet then once updated turn off the update check

Happy with older firmware without this “feature”

There is NO auto updating! The WDTV automatically looks for updates and shows that on the main screen. The decision to update is still left to the user.