Received Replacement MBL. What to do so it won't get bricked again?

I gave up on researching how to recover my files and just go with the RMA process. Western Digital has just given me a replacement unit. I would like to make sure I set this up properly and avoid getting bricked by getting updates automatically. What should I do first? Is the latest update okay? Or should I keep the current firmware and disable auto update?

First thing, enable SSH access!  Log into the MBL’s dashboard, go to http://MyBookLive/UI/ssh and enable this option. If the Dashboard gets bricked then you can usually get it all back up and working.

I ran across this script a little while ago, if you were willing to take it apart, and plugging the drive straight into your computer, you could have ran this:

So it’s possible to de-brick even without ssh. But like it was said above, enable ssh. Those debricking methods should be tried first.

You would only use a script like this if you could’t even ssh in.