Reboot hang

I have a My Cloud Gen.1 Firmware ver. 2.31.? I did a backup, system test and then a system reset. Now my MY Cloud is hung on rebooting. I have a message saying do not unplug while rebooting. The front light is solid blue. I also refreshed my dashboard and can’t access it now. Can I do a soft reset without harming it ?

Gen1 uses firmware The gen2 uses firmware 2.31.?

That doesn’t really address my problem. Can I do a soft reboot without damage?

@olman944 If the front LED is a solid blue then it is ready for use. When you did all these changes your IP address for your device should have changed unless you have a static address set or reserved on your router. Have you checked this? See the User Manual for more information. Is there a way to delete the message you are seeing?


What computer and operating system are you using?

Thank you. My IP did change although I did set a static address. I see that all is working now. Going to do a factory reset now and see how it goes. Thanks!

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