Really old (2006) My Book 500 GB External Drive

I would like to connect an old My Book external drive to a Windows 7 PC; however, am currently not successful in finding the drivers. Wondering how I might find the drivers for this external drive.

Don’t know if this makes a difference. I expect my PC had Windows Vista when I had connected the drive. Now I am trying to connect to a Windows 7 PC. Additionally, I have a MacBook that I could connect with; however, don’t know if that would work either.

Bottom of the box has a 2006 date on it. Model is WD5000D032. Please advise.

Technically, you posted this in the wrong subforum.

Having said that. . . . .have you tried plugging the drive into the computer? I would expect it to “Just work”.

I can hear a connected tone when I plug the drive in; however, the device does not show up on my explorer.