Read/Write Problems with 1TB Hard-Drive

I wonder if someone can help on these forums. I have read here before about someone in need and found out how to re-format my hard-drive (so i can use it for both mac and pc) when i first got it so have been here before and know that i can trust what everyone says. Im not a big boffin when it comes to my mac and need instructions pretty simply as the reason i got a mac in the first place is that it was simple to use - pc’s just confused me when i was younger. I would take it to a genius bar however i think someone on here would probably know. I have already tried to look for a problem similar to mine but i couldn’t find it. 

I am running:

Late 2008 MacBook Pro

MAC OS X 10.6.6



250GB internal HD


So around about two months ago i purchased a TB hard-drive so that i will have a lot of space for my films and music, also my old 500GB hard-drive broke at the usb port. I took the old drive apart and at that time was able to put it into a dell PC and access the drive, and copy it all across to the 1TB. It worked fine (when i plugged it into my MBP) transferring the stuff across then from a Windows XP internal drive to a external TB. The drive was still read/write then. Anyways, since then the external TB has been working like a dream and although my files are unorganised i know roughly where everything is. I have even taken it round to my friends house and we have used it to edit music on his 2009 macbook (transferring files back and fourth) and it still worked fine in the sense that i was still able to read/write when i got home. However about three weeks ago i took the drive to a friends house who uses a XP and we were doing the same, exchanging music files. I was ill the past three weeks and only went to write some documents onto the drive today and i wasn’t able to. The drive has suddenly switched to read only. I was wondering if there is anyway i can change it back to read write so ill be able to use it with both MAC and PC? Also my parents have moved away (have the dell pc with my old drive in) therefore i have no way of backing up all this data so dont really want to loose it. Below is a picture of the info for the HDD so you know the info on it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as i bought the drive hoping that there would be no problems and its credit to WD that in 7 years using their drives that i have never come across a problem like this before.


Hi there!!

The pic you posted shows the drive as FAT32, so it should work unless the drive itself got corrupted. What if you try to repair the drive using first aid (Inside disk utility on your Mac) or reformat it again if all else fails?

That’s what I would try first =)

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I knew someone on this forum would be able to help. Thanks very much. Problem solved!! You are an absolute legend, like i was worrying that i was going to have to transfer all my stuff across to another external. 

Thanks so much 

Any time, friend! :smiley:

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