RE4 drives and risk of data loss for single drive

I purchased 2 RE4 drives (WD5003ABYX) for backup drives but didn’t realize that they weren’t intended to be used as single drives. As a single drive, they’re supposedly more likely to lose data if there is an error because the drive uses TLER.

What is the risk?

Will there be just a few lost files or will there be a total loss of data on the drive?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, as long as the drive itself is taken care of and you’re monitoring its performance (degradation, bad sectors, temperature) then it should not matter until it dies.

You could use WD’s WDTLER utility to disable the read and write timeouts.

Here is the command help:

WDTLER Version 1.03
Copyright © 2004-2006 Western Digital Corporation
Western Digital Time Limit Error Recovery Utility
Using DT32.LIB version 08A

WDTLER [-R] [-W] [-?]
-R Set read TLER seconds. Use 0 to disable.
-W Set write TLER seconds. Use 0 to disable.

/? This help screen.