Re: WDTV Live - No HDMI output

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Thanks for letting me know! yes, I was using IE9 and I thought that it was something wrong with my laptop as I’ve retyped the issue twice and yet it was still showing as blank.

basically I’ve got an issue with my WDTV Live.  I connect it via HDMI to my Samsung Series 6 LED TV but nothing is displaying other than the message “Mode not supported”

This is actually already a replacement unit as my initial one had the same issue and I thought that the issue was only with the original unit.  The problem now is that the warranty on the replacement unit has is noted as being expired on the WD system even though I only received it at the end of May 2010.  I thought that the warranty would commence on the day it is actually issued to me and hence I would still be just under the 1-year warranty period. WD support refuses to issue me an RMA because of this and the annoying thing is when I received the replacement device, the shop didn’t issue me another receipt with the new date.  Is there anything that I can do regarding this?

I’ve already tried factory reset and upgrading the firmware without any luck…

+1 hdmi is dead,after 3 months in my samsung serie5.¿user for idem problems?.That solutions?.


Your post is empty? Are you using IE9?

blahblah:  Apparently the WDTV is not able to sync up with your TV to a mode that the TV supports.

That’s kind of unusual, because most recent TVs these days support ALL modes the WDTV can do.  (Mine won’t do the PAL modes, though.)

Try hooking it up with a COMPOSITE cable, and then go into the configuration for HDMI and set a mode the TV DOES support.


Thanks for the suggestion however the odd thing is it was actually working fine prior to me trying again a couple of days ago so I don’t think that it would be a mode support issue as if it was, it wouldn’t have worked at all since the beginning. 

I have also tried connecting the component cables and choosing the various HDMI options but none of them would give an output via HDMI.