Re: wd3200JB o wd3200AAJB


i m new to this community i have same wd hdd its 320 gb  i also came across the same problem  whenever i connect  hdd to my pc it detects but it doesnt show any icon on my computer  . its under warranty period my doubt is how cxn i make it work again  

is this the first time you’re installing the drive, or is this happening after you’ve used the drive for a while?  what operating system are you using with the drive?  how old is the computer?

If possible post a screenshot of the disk management screen…


thnks for the help i m using this hdd since 2 yrs this problem arised recently and i tried every possible way i even tried opening disk  manager  but  couldnt get any result im having huge no of data &  i need it at any cost

can u sugest  me a  way to restore data


Try using Recuva or Photorec, also you can use Shadow copy. Those are really good free applications, they will scan your computer for any storage device and will recover most of the data.

are tthey available for free

ok i got it will reply you if it works


i need to ask  u ae there other  ways of detecting hdd like using command prompt