Re: [WD TV LIVE] Problem with External USB Drives

For sorry WD TV Live doesn’t  work with WD Elements 1.5TB … ROTFL

jacek_kubek wrote:

For sorry WD TV Live doesn’t  work with WD Elements 1.5TB … ROTFL

Yes, it does…

TonyPh12345 wrote:


jacek_kubek wrote:

For sorry WD TV Live doesn’t  work with WD Elements 1.5TB … ROTFL

Yes, it does…


FEWWWWW… i was gonna say i have the model WDBAAU0015HBK and guys on my other topic already said it does, plus it is listed here  

WD Elements Desktop WDE1Uxxxxx, WDBAAUxxxxxxx:smiley:

Are there external drive ENCLOSURES or enclosure chip sets  or groups of enclosures that are known to work with the WD TV Live?  Would like to use WD green drive and a passive cooling enclusure that runs on 12v only for a mobile installation in an RV.  Already have the drive so need to pick up an enclosure.  Suggestions of what usually works are welcome.

Well, one thing for sure – it won’t do you any good to put more than one drive in ANY enclosure (the WD will only “see” the first drive).  So whatever you buy just get a single enclosure.

As I first wrote here, my only try with an enclosure didn’t work and there is no list of known working enclosures so any help you get here will be strictly anectdotal evidence.  If I were you, I’d start with a place like Best Buy and then you can return things that don’t work (and if you want a better price you can always return something that DOES work and buy it online then).

Or, just given the application you’re talking about, I would suggest doing away with an enclosure alltogether and just using one of the USB-powered external drives like the Passport or Elements (Elements is good, that’s what I use in my Van, and generally inexpensive, and it’s one less plug to worry over…)

Yeah, I thought about that as well, Tony.

As Tony says, rather than spend the money on an enclosure, buy yourself a really nice portable drive (I really like the new, tiny little pocket drives that are USB powered so they don’t even need external power).  It will cost about the same and travel much better.

For the WD Green drives you have, you’d be better off spending the money on a nice NAS (like the D-Link 321) and then attaching to your network.  In those cases you CAN put more than one drive in the enclosure and the Live will see the NAS just fine.

Well, for future reference and for others that have the question, I’ll post my results.

I purchased a Ineo I-NA308Ue passive cooling drive enclosure for a whopping $17.  Installed a WD 1TB green low power drive and formatted NTFS in a single partition.  Both WDTV Live Plus and the new drive are now running happily together on 12v coach power in the motorhome. 

FYI, installed a Cisco/linksys wirelless n adaptor also.  I can see the drive on our network in the house (motorhome parks in a metal building out back behind the yard).  Installed a few movies from our stash of Tivo formatted mp4s via the network and so far they play perfectly. Could not have asked for an easier setup.

Oh, did upgrade to the latest .39 beta firmware because of reported audio sync issues with mp4s.

Now I await the release of wdlxtv firmware that supports moviesheets on the plus as my next upgrade.

Very happy with the WDTV live plus so far.  I had asked questions about the WDTVlive previously as that is what I ordered.  AmazonWarehouse deals did not have the WDTVlive I ordered and wanted to cancel the order.  I asked them if they could send the plus instead and they did, even upgraded to 2nd day air for the trouble.  Nice folks.  So I got a plus for $91 delivered.

Glad you got all working to your satisfaction.

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