Re: virtual cd to boot OS

The internal connector for the usb cable to go into the My Book broke off inside the uni when I was plugging it in.  Must have been a bad solder.

I took off the drive plastic case and there was the connector laying on the circut board. I connected the USB cable to the broken off connector and held it flush to the circut board where it should be attached…  but it won’t show  my drive.

ANY IDEAS? I need these files … and I bought another My Book to transer them. Perhaps there is another way to transfer the filesoff this drive?

It sounds like you will have to contact a data recovery agency my friend.

Try these listed below.

If your unit has multiple connections ( i.e. Firewire or eSATA) you could try another type connections. If not, try removing the hard drive from the enclosure and installing it as a second drive in the PC.

If it’s a drive that came with Smartware connecting it as an internal won’t work. The circuit board with the USB connector provides data encryption. About the only hope without professional data recovery is to see if an electronics repair person could solder on a new port.