Re-scanning folders? FAQ or other source of common problems/solutions for a new user?

Hey all, I just installed a WD Live and got it set up to stream movies from my Synology NAS box.  Everything is gigabit ethernet (hard wired) so performance looks pretty good so far.   I’ve spent a few hours poking through the on-screen menus and downloaded and scanned through the user manual as well.   One thing I cannot figure out is how to rescan a folder for new content

I have set up the unit to use “My Media Library” as the content source for Videos.   I have two specific shares added to My Media Library - a folder for movies and a folder for TV shows that are on my NAS.   I went through the initial scan and posted most of the movie & tv show info, but there are quite a few inaccuracies. 

I’ve noticed that I can navigate to a specific file, select the “Option” button and force a rescan of the particular file, and it will fix the issue.  However with 100+ files to fix, this is not an elegant solution.   

Is there a way to force a re-scan of just a specific folder?  For example, I filter for TV shows, then I have folders on the screen for Dexter, Walking Dead, Archer, etc.   I nevigate to the Archer folder and now I have folders for Season 1, Season 2, etc.  Under those folders are the individual files that need to be re-scanned.  I’d like to be able to just point to “Season 1” and have it rescan all the files in that folder.   Is this possible?

Is there anything that can be done short of forcing a complete re-scan?

BTW, I have auto scanning set to the “only during standby” mode - not sure if it works or not, but most files seem to be getting found and recognized, though not always perfectly.

If you have a USB drive connected the safely eject it, put it back on the PC and delete a hidden .wdtv folder. The next time you plug it in and turn the WDTV on it will re-create the library and re-scan everything.

Long process though.

Not using a USB Drive.  The media drive is actually a Synology NAS hard-wired with Gigabit Ethernet to the WD LIve.