Re-regsiter Device with WD Service without Reboot?

So, people say that when WD has an issue, that you should reboot the device to have it register with their service to re-establish the connection between them and your My Cloud.

Anyone know in particular what service on the My Cloud is responsible for this? I find that when there is an issue and my MyCloud (MC) won’t reconnect I cannot power cycle it. But if I can SSH into the device I’d rather just restart whatever it might be without having to reboot it or toggle the Eth0 up/down.

Being a linux-based device, the only time I should ever need to reboot the device is if there is a kernel update or a kernal panic or something that severe. I shouldn’t have to power cycle it for it to re-register, that just sort of defeats one of the great things about being linux-based (IMO).

I know it’s not an issue with my network because I can access other devices inside my network. When I do get home and log into the web dashboard it says that it does have a connection established. Which is wierd because I couldnt access it outside of my network and my device was up for 33 days.


This information is not available on the support page, but maybe other users can chime in and share some tips…

Probably the wdmcserver process.