Re: Netflix/Hulu problems after upgrade to 1.07.18

I had the same problem for all versions.

Currently I connect the streaming server to a Dell 24" 1080p monitor which has both DVI and composite inputs.  I connect both of them (with a HDMI to DVI cable). For the HDMI, when playing netflix, it turns to black but the audio works normally;  for the composite output it always works well.  I found that for HDMI ouput I can play local video files perfectly.  Only netflix doesn’t work for HDMI outputs.  It must be a bug in the netflix client software.  I didn’t try it with a HDTV since I don’t have one now.

Hope WD can fix this problem because Netflix is the whole reason I bought the device.

BTW,  I am a North American user with a gen3 WD TV Live streaming media player.  My issue is that Netflix can be played on composite but not HDMI output.

Well, I got it work on another 1080p monitor.  So it seems not the problem of the media player but the monitor problem.

Sounds like your first monitor doesn’t support HDCP.

As TonyPh12345 said, it does seem like your monitor doesn’t support HDCP. However, if by any chance, your monitor also has a component input, then you can try using something like this: