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i see my question did not post. I was asking if there is an app or program i can use to access media from my drive using my iphone. I tried mionet but iphone needs to run java which it cant.

There is both an Android and an iOS app to view your photos. Do a search for WD Photos on the appropriate app store.


I have that app already. I meant  to access music and other files on the drive from iphone

Not currently.

An app for iphone to allow access to files and music like wd photo sure would be nice

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Your post sounds more like a good Feature Request; the best place for this, is in the Ideas Exchange section. This way someone from WD will be sure to see it and will allow more users to support your idea.

However, I would first search and make sure that there are no other active Feature Requests suggesting the same or similar improvements. If there is, then you could add your post and vote on it.

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