Re-installed win 7, can't access backup from before re-install

Just re-installed windows 7.  I had ben backing up my files using a WD My Book. Now that I have re-installed windows and installed WD smartware, the files from my computer that are stored there are in a part of the My Book called “other backups.”  When I retrieve it just pulls files on the reinstalled version of windows, not the files that I backed-up before the re-install.

How to I retrieve the files in the “other backups” section of the My Book?


Try selecting show hidden files and look for a folder named smartware.swstor



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If you changed your computer’s name you should be able to select the option “Change Retrieve Volume” in the retrieve tab. It usually shows up after clicking the lower-left icon a few times.

If it doesn’t show other volumes then you can manually copy/paste out the old backup from the hard drive itself. It will be contained in a folder called “Smartware.swstor”.