Re imaged computer-WD restore not loading backup files, and they are def there

Followed directions to uninstall and install new version of WD backup program giving me a RESTORE option then it searches, finds my WD passport and says backup will be restored from this selection. Next windows explorer opens up and shows the folder and that’s it …shows over. it stops.

I can see all the sub folders contained within the WD Backup.swstor folder - all the user files.etc ( they are all in compressed form, but there.WD program just stops at that point, with the folder open in explorer. How can I get WD restore program to load and initiate a restore? help! and thanks!

Is this what you have already looked at?

Hi. Thanks. I did not see this breakdown of steps. Just the not about how you must reinstall backup for the restore option.

Looking at this step 4. (select where to restore to) did not appear, when I select passport it opens folder explorer and the backup program window disappears. So there"s no options…

Thank you very much again for responding.
I am still holding out hope I’ll be able to restore these files as it looks like everthing is there. I’ve run chkdsk and ran all WD disk utiities and no issues so passport is healthy.