Re audio

ok newbee here whos read much but still cant fix my sound issue

whilest streaming any movie file formatt to tv down stairs via windows network share(via windows vista ) i can conect to my pc upstairs and start playing but less than 5 seconds in i loss sound.

i did the check for latest updates on film ware and went with wired conection from my media player to modem thinking that would help ( just wifi from upstairs to moden but…)

some thing else was going into set up /audio and setting as stero thats done.

i dont have 5.1 or anything wow  just a plain simple set up

that as an eg watching a vob file the main menu will have sound for 5 seconds then nothing till i select what to play

once that section loads i get 5 seconds then nothing.

the mute buttion is not the issue ( yes read that post too)

  in closing if i put the file on the media hubs hd it works perfect so i know its not the file is “bad”

masny thank yous for taking time to read and post your 2 cents

What device, another Hub, a PC connected to the TV, etc., is being used to play the file to the TV that drops the sound after 5 seconds?

stream it too a wd tv live hub ( with one t int hard drive)

streaming from a pc upstairs with both ex and inter hd drives

any file will work playing on its own p.cs hard drive or on  an ex hard drive to its main hook up

i can even take ex hard drive from upstairs and plug into live hub and its perfect!

no matter how i try to stream any file from ex hard drive up stairs or from main hd of pc up stairs i loose the sound 5 seconds in.

it seems i just have to tweek a setting  or move the wifi and id be golden

thank you for your help

ok whilest waiting for a reply i found out the lowerthe pic quality the longher i had sound before loss with wifi

long story short

hard wired BOTH media hub and pc up stairs to router the hi speed cable is feed into and boom no longer an issue even for them bigger more hi qual movies