RCA Stereo Output with HDMI Connected?

I have an older Samsung TV (720P) which has only one DVI input.  I presently have a new WD TV Live Plus that I got for a Xmas present connected to a component video input on the set and the audio going through my Yamaha 5.1 amplifier.  I’d like to get the higher quality video output of the WD TV that comes through the HDMI output to my set, but if I hook it up through a HDMI to DVI cable, will this shut down the audio output on the RCA jacks?

That’ll work fine…s

Thanks for the quick response.  Now to run down to Frys and get a cable. :manhappy:

TonyPh12345 wrote for solution : « That’ll work fine…s »

Please, can you be more precise? --I think that I would be intherested by the answer.

Should there be a fiber-optic cable involved?