Raw Read Error Rate (FAIL) sorry if this topic has been beat to death

Hi there.  Should i be concerned about this?

Disk Name: WDC WD20EARS-00MVWB0 ATA Device
Volume: E:\

Raw Read Error Rate (fail)

I got this error after running an extended test on a WD disk diagnostic program (WD lifeguard).  It is a 2T SATA drive that is about 2 years old.  Every other test in the list passed but this one and Windows is giving me a pop up message saying my hard drive is about to fail… back up immediately (which i have).



hi there, im a normal user like you so dont take this from granted

normaly windows warns up people when its the last resort

so your drive normaly have several bad sectors remapped or it may have a weak head that does this

i would backup your data to another good functioning drive as soon as possible ( dont turn off that drive) it may be too late then

install hard disk sentinel and let us see the prints please ( post in tinypic, imageshack, etc) 

Thanks for the response David.  I will give this a try this evening and post my results.

No problem :wink:
Glad i could help