RAW Images - Scanning and thumbnailing

Hi everyone.

Does anyone know how does the Mycloud Home handles RAW images? Does anyone know if it uses the same precess (ufraw-batch) that Mycloud mirror uses?

I read here that it supports thumbnail generation of .CR2 files (canon RAW), but How long does it take? Is it fast?

I am asking this because I realised that my biggest problems (and many other folks) with my actual My Cloud Mirror 8TB relies on thumbnail generation from .cr2 files. Although WD says that MyCooud Mirror does not support thumbnail generation from raw images, I ssh my device and through “ps” command, I could monitor that there is a ufraw-batch process that is very buggy. It takes a lot of time when it tries to generate thumbnails from .CR2 files, specially the ones that are in portrait orientation. Now it got stuck on 2 specific files, the scanning process to generate thumbnail never ends. That uses a lot of CPU and Memory, causing the fan be constantly blowing. For more details see link below.

So, I thought may be if My cloud home uses a different process to handle RAW files that are less buggy than the ufraw-batch on the My cloud mirror, I would change MYcloud Mirror for a My Cloud Home without doubt, since one of the main reasons I got a NAS is to store my .CR2 Raw files, the way my device is behaving makes it unusable. The others things I need in a NAS are do time machine backups and stream movies to my TV, which MCH also supports.

The My Cloud Home does JPEG & TIFF embedded thumbnail extraction only. It will not attempt to generate a thumbnail for any RAW image format that does not currently have an embedded image.

ok thank you.

So just to be clear, there is no ufraw process in the mycloud home?
I am askiing because you know. .CR2 (canon raw) is not listed as supported files for thumbnails here, however the device is running ufraw in all .CR2 files.

Correct, there will be no ufraw process running on the MCH products.

As for Canon, we support the following for JPEG extraction in MCH

Thank you