Rar command for Debian on PowerPC architecture

I would like to create rar files directly on MyBook Live from shell, but I cannot find ‘rar’ command anywhere in apt-get sources (only unrar).

Does ‘rar’ not exist for Debian on PowerPC architecture?

I know it exist on Debian for other architectures, tried to copy binary from other debian system but as expected that did not worked on MyBook Live.

Sorry not realy to smart on the linux But what is it you would like to do exactly? It sounds interesting.

Why are you looking not for another packer?

There are ppc debian binaries for p7zip - I guess it is able to do rar-format as well.

Standart ‘de facto’ in file sharing world is splitted rar archives.

So it would be nice touch to be able to create splitted rar files directly on MBL.

But  I got response from RARLab support saying that such version not exist so far…

So further discussions is pointless.

There is alternative ‘lxsplit’ using which you can create splitted .001 .002 .003 etc files.

Those are compatible with Windows HJSplit, but that format is not so powerful as .rar

(no error checking/correction).

With p7zip you *cant* create splitted rars.