Random Pauseing My Book Essential 2tb

I have been getting strange random pauses with my new My book essential 2tb. With File Transfers and using hd tune.

On my main computer I get a constant pauses you can see by the pic link all was in the same spot


I have updated everything else I even unplugged every external USB device except the hard drive.

Still gives me the same pause times. I have other external hard drives green ones and have no problems at all.

But here is the Nutty thing about it. If I plug and test and it in my laptop I have no issues at all speed is great and the transferring large files I have no issues at all,

I tried to use the wd dia program on the desktop but kept giving me the error 2 code about hard drive resetting.

But then again I used it on the laptop and it works fine came back with no errors.

Both comps have windows 7 64-bit but main has amd sb 710 drivers and laptop has the nforce drivers. I turned off stand by in power management. Performance setting did not help. My transfer speeds average about 15mb/s while a external green drive does around 23ish that I have. Im thinking the USB port thingy on the external drive does not like my mobo. Both comps have USB 2.0.

I’m at a lose on what’s going on I even unistalled the USB host controllers and updated to new drivers. I have no external third party software running and ainti virus was turned off and it still does it. I even formated with the WD stuff and windows. I do not think the drive is dieing but i might be wrong. It just works great in my laptop just not my desktop :frowning:

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Self Fixed. Had to completely unistall Acronis Hard Drive Monitor.  I had it completely disabled from startup and running process.  But was still getting the random pausing but now its fixed.  I even have less LCC on all my external green drives :slight_smile:

So if you have any hard drive monitor software I would unistall them.

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Thanks for posting back with the solution.