Raid1 to JBOD - will restoring from usb backup bring back the raid1?

Hi there,

I have an EX2 Ultra with 2x4TB, it is still in RAID1. With Black Friday on Amazon I bought a WD Elements 16Gb and I am now trying to do the following:

  1. Backup the EX2 to the Elements (twice, just to make sure).
  2. Change from RAID1 to JBOD.
  3. Restore (?) from the USB Backup.

Will this bring back the RAID1 configuration or it will just bring the shares back while leaving the JBOD configuration alone?

Many thanks in advance!


Hi @madmed,

Please be informed that external drives cannot save the RAID setting of a cloud. The setting itself can only be modified through the dashboard.

Additionally, changing the RAID setting of a cloud will wipe out all of the data inside and as such should be avoided.