RAID1 and Apps

With the help of WD Tech Support, my new EX2 with two 2TB Reds that I installed became operational today.  It needed a firmware update.  I then set up the unit as RAID1.  When that was done, I started a download of the App GIT.  When I returned to my computer, I had an error message: 

Volume Failure
The data volume 1 on the drive is not accessible. Contact Customer Service.
Saturday, 2015 January 10, 2:15:06 PM

I tried contacting Customer Support but was waiting a long time.  Battery on my wireless phone drained to point that I lost the connection.

My questions are:  Can RAID1 support Apps on the EX2?  How do you run the App GIT?  Has my drive failed so soon (first WD to do so for me after about 25 of them ove the years)?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello tmr41, welcome to the WD Community. Sorry to hear you were not able to reach support the second time. You should have no problems installing the supported apps regardless of the RAID configuration you’re using. You can check the following thread for more information on GIT.