Raid status: Rebuilding

I had a need to delete a large amount of files.  Typically with the delay of going through network, finder tends to time out.

So I opted to ssh directly into the share and issue an rm command to delete the parent folder.  This seemed to work, as  the prompt came back.

However, the power IO light is flashing yellow.  I was able to get into the dashboard and it seemed to indicate the raid was rebuilding.    I tried to determine how long this would take but could not

Now I can’t even get into the dashboard.  I can open a share and see files

My questions:

  1. why can’t I access the dashboard

  2. how can I determine how long the rebuild will take (btw this is an 8TB mirror and of the 4TB (one mirror) it has approx 1.5TB free after the above mentioned rm command

  3. can I still use the device or should I wait till it’s all done

  4. is there any thing else i’m missing



I recommend you contact support directly for assistance.

Contact WD

Got things figured out

  1. network cable was lose

  2. once dashboard was back, I could determine the rebuild time

I did find that the rebuild was going to take 53 days !!!

Then I found an article on here:

Recently I whent through the same problem being stuck at the rebuilding status for countless hours and well I kinda got tired of waiting for it and decided to speed things up. 

Now I don’t know why WD would cap the Rebuild speed to 1031K/sec but if you wanna speed things up all you have to do is log into your device and type in:

sysctl -w

after that go ahead and type

cat /proc/mdstat

This took my build from 53 days to 1 day