Raid Roaming issues and plex on pr4100

I took 4 x 8tb red drives from an ex 4100 to a PR4100 as the latter has better transcoding for plex, all went well showed raid roaming on lcd and I said ok to the on screen message from the web ui, and pr4100 would not connect to plex, it seems to break/corrupt the config somehow built into one of the transferring drives? It also on 2nd attempt created some new directories and files therein I did not create and lost one of the shares.
So, I restored pr4100 to factory with one brand new drive and slid 3 other brand new 8tb red(My standard drive) in as well, set all to jbod, as I just use nas’s for storage and backup to other nas, I do not like Raid.
Set all network and other options mainly to on, not afp or other apple options as I use windows laptop, not cloud access and installed latest 1.20 version of plex from plex’s app offering for pr4100 and it seems to be working as it should. I am interested in others frustrations and experiences with plex and pr4100, it seems like a different animal to ex 4100.