RAID + eSATA + Win7 64bit Problems

Hey how you doing.

I have the Studio Edition II 2TB.

Its formatted in RAID1 and connected by eSATA.

To format in RAID1 i had to connect by USB, now i reverted back to eSATA.

WD Drive Manager only recognises USB and firewire so i am unable to check the drive status in it.

I wont be able to know if one of the drive’s is unhealthy or even failing.

I dont want to keep switching between USB and eSATA just to check up on them.

Is there another solution?

Why isnt the Drive Manager supporting eSATA?

This is terrible and WD should do something about it asap.

me, too, same problem.  vista 32bit.  seems to be no way to use wd software when connected via esata (about 5x faster than usb for my backups).  i’ll never know if something is degrading.  should i tell wd to appear as two drives and use a separate raid controller (intel on motherboard)?