Raid configuration with WD10JFCX


I want to setup a RAID configuration for writing the data of audio recordings made on location.
The idea was to use a mobile rack (ICY Dock with four 2.5" bays) and use four WD10JFCX 2.5" HDD.
All connected to a Atto Raid card via Thunderbolt connected to my MacBook Pro.

So drives will not be used 24/7 only a few hours a day for recording or editing.
It is a mobile configuration.

Will this be ok or do you advise another 2.5" HDD for this configuration.

Best regards,

Hello Paul,

That’s a good option since they are designed to for a NAS environment.

Just make sure to check the specifications for the drives and the enclosure to confirm that they are fully compatible.

Link to specifications: