Raid 1 is a backup (mirror) so do not need backup s/w?

Hi , Trying to get my understanding correct . I have 2 x 3 TB drives and If I was to raid the device it will mean that I have a mirror copy of what is on the 1st 3Tb drive on the 2nd  3tb Drive. Correct. As such the I do not need to have back up software as such. If I back up from my PC HDD with back up software to the Live DUO that is in RAID then it is backed up again as a mirror! 

Does all this make sense?


Yeah it makes sense, Although it might be best to keep an additional copy for peace of mind. Caviar Green drives are budget drives and have a very high failure and return rate… I’ve had 3 die in 3 years and I have 2 x 4TB units delievered recently both brand new and one of the units is faulty as B compartment hard drive has a tendcy to get stuck and is currently stuck solid with-in the unit. I had it out once now it stuck solid again.

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RAID is NOT the same as “Backup.”

It’s a mirror.

If you accidentally delete a file, it’s gone.

Backups allow recovery from mistakes. RAID does not.