Quickly deleting duplicate files from My Passport 1TB w/ USB wire

My little 1 TB My Passport external drive is nearly maxed out because of file duplicates, up to 75 duplicates for each file. How did this happen? And is there a quick way to whittle them down to just the original file? Or special software maybe?

How are you backing up the data in the drive?
Are you using any WD Supported software with your drive like WD Backup?

Yes, there is such software. You can try DuplicateFilesDeleter for this case, which I highly recommend!

Thank you, Adam. Found it at CNET and downloaded it. This will free up much space for me. Gerry

I tried downloading the trial zip, when I went to extract, my McAfee alert popped up telling me it just blocked a virus… and then showed me what it was and that it came from the duplicatefilesdeleter. / Their website is poor designed and somewhat difficult
to navigate which raises a red flag based on past experience. GL