Quick Test to 10% Sound?

I have own two My Book Essential drives and now own one My Book Elite. They were all purchased at the store the same week (two from Staples and one from Best Buy)

I noticed that when running the Diagnostic - Quick DRIVE Test  in WD Smartware I get a light clicking noise until the test gets to about 10%.  Does anybody else notice this? I assume it is part of the test and is normal. The Elite and 1 Essential sound exactly the same. The other Essential edition does a softer click during the same test.

The drives are dead near silent during normal operation.  Is the Quick DRIVE Test causing this noise or is there something wrong with my drives?

BTW, the test passes fine.

Hey Tek20 !!

Actually that clicking sound is defenitly not a good sign.

Normally when a drive starts clicking, it can (most of the time) only mean two things : the drive is not recieving enough power, or the drive is about to go bad.

I would suggest to try plugging the power of the drives straight into the wall, and try running the tests.

If it still does the same clicking sound, i would recommend replacing it.

I do not agree. I bought ANOTHER My Book Elite today and it makes the same exact noise during the first 10% of the quick test. Now unless all four of the drives I have purchased are bad then this MUST be normal.

Could anybody with a My Book Essential or My Book Elite run a Quick DRIVE Test and listen to the drive? Does it make a clicking like sound during the first 10% of the test?

Keep in mind that this drive only makes a CLICKING sound during the quick drive test.

It’s the same here with My  Book Elite.  It’s a very quiet clicking.  Not like a failing drive that I can hear on the other side of the room.  Sounds like a touch of paranoia may be kicking in.  Can’t really blame you on that…