Quick Question. Should i turn off My Mycloud

I Have a question. I bought My WD MyCloud 2TB 3Days ago an i havent turned it off at all its been working perfectly its not even hot and ive been using it none stop and the temp remains the same so i have no complaints. But should i turn it off? or is it okay if i leave it running 24 hours a day? Since it a network hard drive i would assume that there shouldnt be any problem just leaving it on all the time… also what would happen if the power goes out will it stop working or would it just boot back to normal?  thanks for your help :smiley:

This device is supposed to run 24x7. It does have a sleep mode and when noone is accessing the drive, it spins down the disks and saves power. 

I am noticing that it wakes up intermittently for no reason though. I am anyway keeping it running 24x7.

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Okay understood. I wont be turning it off then since it has sleep mode.  thank you so much for your help. :smiley:

The owners manual recommends turning off the drive. 

parkit wrote:

The owners manual recommends turning off the drive. 

Really?  Where?