Quick question : MyBook and PS4


Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere. I did a search and could not find a definitive answer.

I have bought a WD Mybook with 4TB of space. Can this work as PS4 extrnal hard drive?

Also I have just seen that this is powered… would it of been better to get a MyPassport to use as an external drive for a PS4… or is there no real difference.

Sorry for the questions, and I should have established this before I bought. But the recertified products on here seem to go OOS pretty quickly so I just bought while I had the opportunity… my PS$ is suffering ATM

My Book device can be used with PS4 as an external storage but WD My Passport (Works with PlayStation 4) comes with more features and especially for PS4 devices. You may refer this link for more details:-


I’ve recentely read a good guide on the subject. visit site and just follow the steps and it’s going to be ok.