Quick question about Cloud Drives

i have recently put all my movies on a WD External Cloud Drive and have noticed that in options menu, GET INFO and WATCH TRAILER FROM YOUTUBE no longer appear but are still available on my wired external hard drive.

is that simple because its not physically attached to the Wdtv or have i done something wrong?

How are you accessing the files on your cloud drive.

my WDTV get the movies from the Cloud Drive through the WIFI

He’s asking if you’re connecting to the Cloud from the WDTV via Network Shares or Media Server.

If Media Server, then what you’re seeing is correct, since Media Servers don’t have any of those extended options (actually NO options.)

nope… its through Network Shares

badger1988 wrote:
nope… its through Network Shares

…and your Content Source is set to My Media Library?