Questions hdd and badblock

my doubt is, when a hdd has badbloks bad sectors what will happen and when the firmware table is full what will happen? is it possible for the file to be saved in bad sectors by corrupting it and after that burned to DVD?

get another hard disk and copy all your files off the affected disk

use WD Lifeguard and do a full erase of the affected disk

You may want to move to Blu-Ray which is 5x larger than DVD for single layer media

i have a dvd with pack many roms, zipped files and .exe files totaling 3GB and it takes 1 hour to copy from the DVD to the PC but the transfer is completed, is this dvd bad and I throw it in the trash? it was corrupted because i downloaded it on my hdd which has badblock

DVD media is not as robust as BD which is why i tell everyone to modernize

I have an old DVD cake backup of some computer chess files, and checking them I found 4 of the disks were in error. Now I use PAR2 technology which adds more fault tolerance to BD which have so far not been so flakey.

What appears when a file is downloaded to a defective sector of the HDD? what appears when a file in a good sector becomes a bad sector and then is copied to the DVD? will be copied corrupted? what barriers and protection for this problem do not harm exe and zip files?

More modern disks have a more robust recovery firmware vs dinosaur disks.

Writing to a defective sector can result in data loss. Format now only does a quick format, manual format to check every sector on modern disks can take a week.