Questions about WD TV


I’m new to WD media players. Although not sure and unless someone disagree otherwise, I came to know that WD TV players provides various video formats than anyone else out there in the market. 

I just looked at the site and I couldn’t find the specs mentioning ethernet speed, wifi (a,g,n) etc… Where would I find complete technical specs of WD TV media players?

Are they all DLNA certified?

Does it support 5GHz wifi and 1000Mbps ethernet?


No, it’s 2.4GHz N.

The wired adapter is 100 meg.

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…And all LIVE players (Live, Live Plus, Live Hub and Live Streaming) are DLNA certified.

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samurai wrote:> Does it support 5GHz wifi and 1000Mbps ethernet?




The new WD Streaming Media Player has WiFi built in and that is 2.4 GHz. However, with the Live, Live Plus, and Hub you have to buy your own wireless adapter (from a WD approved list of adapters). If you buy an adapter that supports 5 GHz, the WD box does support it. I am using a Cisco/Linksys WUSB600N wireless adapter with my Live Plus and I have been using it exclusively on the 5 GHz band (in order to take advantage of the special video streaming options that my wireless router supports).

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Thank you all for replying…

Unfortunately the specs on the site are not technical specs with details. I find that very unprofessional.

Anyhow, it’s strange to find Live has Wi-fi inbuilt but Live Plus doesn’t have it at all. I would expect a new device will have new things like inbuilt 2.5/5GHz and 1000Mbps support.

Does anyone know how often do they release new LIVE products?


Seems like they’ve released two or three different boxes per year, but not all are (were) available in all markets.

2011:  The Live SMP and the Elements Play Gen 2.

2010:  The Live Plus, Live Hub, and Elements Play.

2009:  The WDTV Mini,  the WDTV Live (Old version) and the WDTV HD Gen 2.

2008:  The WDTV HD Gen 1 


Looks like the latest WD Live has 1Gb Ethernet… nice!!

I’m going to buy it…

samurai wrote:

Looks like the latest WD Live has 1Gb Ethernet… nice!!


Uhm, no it doesn’t.  It’s 10/100.

Hmm …  WDBHG70000NBK   It’s a WD Live Gen 3 right?

That review is wrong…

Oh, and by the way, I sent an e-mail to StorageReview about that issue…  they told me *I* was wrong, and to refer to WD’s specs. 

However, I own one, and I can tell you it’s not gig, so will any other owner.   WD’s published specs also make no mention of Gig.

It just goes to show you that some reviewers actually have no idea what they’re talking about… like they never even took it out of the box.  

Oh.  There is not mention of 100Mbps either in the Specs. It looks like the hardware chip does support 1Gb. Maybe WD hasn’t enabled it for some reason. Not sure if they will enable 1Gb ever on this product…