Questions about some network settings

I have read documentation on each of these settings but nothing I read really explained anything too well. I would like to know the difference between FTP, AFP, NFS, SNMP, and WebDAV settings. Are these all just different protocols that all do the same thing but through different means? I have a mac computer, I haven’t gotten cloud access to work yet on MyCloud (I think I have to set up the correct port forwards) but essentially all I need is to have access to my files on my local network (already have it) and outside of my local network. I also have a share set up for plex which I would need to be able to access from other networks as well on all my plex devices (appletv and ps4). I have local access to my plex share using plex right now, I don’t know if I would need remote access to that ever, but having the ability would be great. I have AFP enabled because it automatically enables when you allow time machine backups, but what are the other settings, do I need them turned on for my purposes?

In a word, no