Questions about My Passport Pro


I need to know two things about My  Passport Pro 2Tb model.

  1. the 2Tb version means that it has 2 drive with 1Tb each? so if I use them in mirroring mode I get 1Tb?
  2. what kind of HDDs does it use? are they with a normal SATA mount? I need to use this product for mirror drive (for data security) but I’m wondering if  I can replace a broken HDD by myself, buying a normal SATA HDD elsewhere, opening My Passport Pro, removing the broken HDD and mounting the new one. The other My Passport  Drive use HDD with no SATA mount, but with an integrate USB3 mount. Does the My Passport Pro use the same HDDs?

thank you.

Sound like you are looking for specific information about the internal drive.

As a recommendation, contact WD support directly over the phone or through the email support.

WD Support Contact info: