Questions about daisy chaining drives

Hello there, I have:

one G raid 4 tb drive
two g raid with thunderbolt 4 tb drives
one g safe 3 tb drive

I am attempting to daisy chain them together. I’ve connected them all, but when I turn all the drives on, only the g safe drive, which is directly connected to the computer, is being recognized. Do I need some sort of plugin to make this work? Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


You can only daisy chain if the chain uses the same interface along the entire chain.

This means you would need to use FW800 the whole way or Thunderbolt only the whole way. You cannot mix interfaces.

The G-RAID with TB will not be able to be part of this chain. The G-SAFE and other G-RAID likely both have FW800 on them so they can work in a chain.