Question regarding video adjustment

Looking into getting the WD Live Hub.

I currently have a laptop that I use VLC to play my local vids.

I am very picky…and curious of the following. With VLC…if I watch a full widescreen movie I get a black bar above and below. I have a 16:9 TV and I guess the movies are 2.39:1 or 2.40:1.

With VLC…I can crop (not zoom) to 16:9 and all is wonderful.  I fully understand the I am missing some video on the left and right after doing this…but that is fine to me.

Will the player on the Live Hub allow me to crop like VLC Player? I do not want to zoom (since it usually zooms too much) and do not want to force it to fit to 16:9 because of distortion.

If it doesn’t…definately a deal breaker for me. Will stick to my laptop with VLC.

Thanks in advance for any help.

No.   The WDTV’s display the FULL FRAME.