Question on Safepoints

Does anyone know how a safepoint is made.   I know it is a copy of the NAS, but when the safepoint is made, does the NAS put together the files to perform the hash calculations - and then store them?   If so, is a safepoint better organized disk wise?   The reason I ask is I decided to transcode a lot of my video files which were on the NAS already.    After the transcode, I deleted the original files, and moved the new files back to the NAS which I’m sure caused everything to be put everywhere on the disk.    If I make a fresh safepoint, would it be a good idea to reset the NAS, then reload from the safepoint - would it act like a defrag?   Apologies if I am not understanding this correctly.   Thx!

Yes, the old videos and the new transcoded videos will occupy space, it’s better if you do a new safepoint.