Question on [roduct key for My Book essential edition external hard drive


I bought 2 years ago an external hard drive,

It was not all the time connected to my computer.

Now I want to sync and backup my computer but I get a notice saying my free trial was exipered.

The Memp sync program asks me to give a product key or the purches a new licence. 

Does anybody know if I have a product key anywhere on the hard drive and / or do I have to purches something?



Hey there, before you do anything you need to understand that Sync and Backup are two different things and that if you want to backup the n you do not want the sync software because it is not for backup. I have a My Book Essential Edition 2 and with that drive I got the same trial version but when it expired it gave me the option to buy the full version from memeo, I simply discarded it and used the drive manually as explained below.