Question on installing a different HDD with data on it


I am just playing around with this old My Cloud Home Duo at work. When I took it out it has 2 RED NAS WD HDD inside, I wanted to try to see if I can just use the enclosure like a NAS so I inserted just 1 HDD (with data) into disk 1 slot, disk 2 slot was empty. Reason being the Qnap NAS device for that HDD was faulty and I wanted to try to access the data.

I turned the WD on and it has a solid white light, I was able to ping it but I was unable to access the data on it. It was time to end work so I didn’t think much about it just now, but is there any chance that I accidently corrupt the data on the Qnap NAS HDD that I inserted?


Cross NAS manufacturer data recovery is possible, but not with the My Cloud Home Duo (MCHD) as the host because the MCHD is running a features limited OS (OS4) that is lacking most of the functionality of a NAS such as SSH.

If you insist on using another NAS host to recover the data from the QNAP HDD, try reading this fine example from this subforum, using another NAS (not Western Digital) as the host:

It is often cheaper ($50 to $100) and easier just to pick up a PC with 2 to 4 SATA onboard controllers and run a free Linux data recovery ISO.