Question : MyBook Studio II 2TB (have 2 hardisk internal spare)

hello guys,

I’m newbie. I want to ask about mybook Studio II (2TB).

Mybook Studio have 2 hardisk but if connect to my macbookpro always show 2TB (2 hardisk join)

can i separete this hardisk, So if I connect mybook Studio II with my macbookpro show 1 tb mybookstudio and show 1 tb mybookstudio.

so i can manage my data in 1 hardisk a and 1 hardisk b

Really thanks guys.


you have two raid options : Raid 0 and Raid 1

At the moment you have Raid 0 which gives you access to the entire capacity

Raid 1 is mirrored so one drive for redundancy

Larger Raid setups support JBOD which allow you to set each drive independent