Question help me please \\\\\

why I am not able to change the icon of service as a blockbuster, netflix etc … Why?

I’m sure WD has these services through arrangement made with the company’s. The “icons” are part of the registered trademark for these company’s. As such, they’re not up for random interpretations. Just a guess. I could be completely full of crepes

You can change them, but you need the icons from the OSD (Mochi) theme.  They will be named something like “services_icon_youtube.png”  & “services_icon_blockbuster.png”.

EDIT: Actually they are mispelled and say “servies” instead of “services”

The naming is a little misleading, because the icons named “services_gridview_youtube.png” etc. are not the actual icons for the gridview.

Now, if you’d be so kind to release how you managed to get rid of the black box on the main screen, it would be apprecitated.