Question for the Moderators

I would like it if the moderators could answer the following question:

What is the purpose of the forum “WD TV Live Ideas” ?

A lot of users, perhaps most users, belive that they can offer ideas there and that MAYBE they these suggestions will be implemented in a future firmware update to the current WDTV Live product.

Some users believe this forum is for getting ideas for new hardware products, and not for the current generation.

Could you clarify ?

From this post:

“An idea exchange is a collection of ideas that members of your community have posted. They can be anything from new product requests to suggestions about how to improve a product or service. Anyone in the community can see and vote on the ideas you post.”

So basically the WD TV Live Ideas exchange is for any suggestions related to the product, including current improvements and future features.


OK that’s the canned answer but does WD actually do anything with the ideas.

Every one knows what a suggestion box is, but it doesn’t do much good if no one looks at it. And judging from the whole forum in general it doesn’t actually look like WD is actually doing anything here at all. There is absolutely no  real answers to anything, just canned answers.

Are Mods actually working for WD or just an outsourced service?

Yes, the ideas are currently in review by the product team, which was announced here:

You can see many of the ideas have new statuses and comments from the Product Team.


Cmon Wendy, is there a list things you ARE going to fix. ?

Dont reply to me but rather make a global reply to everybody wanting fixes to issues with the current firmware.

its ok we wont bite :slight_smile:

We feel as if we are blowing in the wind. You know what i mean.